Thigh Lift

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Surplus of loosened skin on the inner side of thighs can be removed in an operation lasting approx. 120 minutes and conducted under general anesthesia.

The intervention will also partially reduce the hypodermic fat in the operated locality. This operation can be combined with a vibration-assisted tumescent liposuction of the remaining parts of the thigh. Hospitalization takes usually 1-2 days, while surgical treatment requires roughly 3 weeks.

Returning to a full load conditions with all risks is possible after 4-5 weeks. The resulting scar comes around thigh at its 2/3 approx. and extends from the groin to under the crotch, ending behind in the fissure under gluteus. The other, vertical scar is about 15 cm long and runs on the boundary of middle and rear part of the thigh. The final shape of the scar thus resembles the letter Y or T.

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