The reasons for breast surgery are different for every woman

Breast enlargement (augmentation) is one of the most favourite and also most frequently performed operations in plastic surgery of these days. Women consider augmentation of breasts especially because of their size, sagging e.g. after breastfeeding and different size or shape of each breast.


Losing weight for swimsuit season or How did it all end up

.... Neither did women who lost weight without specialist´s supervision leave empty-handed. The prizes were handed over by Dr. Vaclav Polacek, CSc. from LD Clinic in Prague. And what did they win? Among others - small, medium and large liposuction ...


Bigger breasts? We know how.

Sagging breasts aren´t as firm as they were before pregnancy? Or are you worried about the size of your breasts? Read what are your options and surprise everybody by beautiful cleavage and newly gained self-confidence. Summer is comming, it´s about the time for change!


Helen Tidswell - My Surgery Diary part I.

Realized proceduresTummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Surgeons & Offices: Josef Kulhánek, MD., MBA.


Helen TidswellAfter a huge and quick weight gain from the onset of Polycysitic Ovarian Syndrome in my late teenage years I began a massive struggle with my weight. I managed to lose some before I became pregnant with my first daughter but then gained it back on more. After the births I felt so unhealthy and couldn’t stand what I saw in the mirror. I set to work by following Weight Watchers and exercising and aimed to lose 5 and half stone. In just 15 months I obtained my goal and felt fit and healthy and certainly looked a lot better. But under my clothing I was left with a droopy sack of skin scarred with huge stretch marks which made me look like I had tiger stripes!! About a year later I became pregnant with my second daughter where I managed to keep some weight control but still put some on. After the birth again I worked hard and the weight came off but only to leave an even worse chunk of loose skin on my stomach.

She heals the sick on the opposite side of the world

Dr. Vrtiskova is a well-known specialist for facial congenital cleft malformations. She has been working over 20 years at a plastic surgery clinic in Prague. However, sometime she packs her surgical equipment and drops off to heal people on the opposite side of the world.

Although her specialization covers a wide range of health issues, she knew from the beginning what she´d wanted to do. It wasn´t only the fact that the Clinic of plastic surgery of Faculty Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady in Prague, where she started her career years ago, has been among the world´s leading clinics in congenital cleft malformations surgery. „The effect of these operations is practically immediate, which I always liked,“ she adds to explain her focus. „The difference is really incredible, although that doesn´t mean, that you´ve won.“ Without continuous long-term care provided by a team of specialists the final result would definitely not be perfect. She always enjoyed seeing how patients get better from day to day even thanks to this grunt work.

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Breast Enlargement