I would like to ask you if your clinic carries out the treatment of gynaecomastia and whereof this surgery consists of?

Syringe filling materials

Hello, I heard that favoured syringe filling materials Matridex, Matrigel and Matridur will be substituted by a new line, is it true?

Operation of the nose - Rhinoplasty

I am interested in operation of the nose. I would like to know how this procedure is performed and what is the following treatment after this procedure?

Deep wrinkles on the forehead

I’m worried about the transversal wrinkles or furrows on my forehead. My friends often ask me why I frown all the time. They say this even when I’m in a good mood. I am convinced that my contacts with people would improve if my forehead was smooth. Could plastic surgery help in this?

Acne scars

I suffered from heavy acne in my teenage years. My skin has become clean now but little scars remained in my face. Could these be removed?

Breast Enlargement