Iontophoresis – Galvanic Facial Treatment

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The complexion treatment through the use of galvanic iron is one of the methods enabling you to keep your aging skin in good shape without undergoing inevitable surgeries. It rejuvenates your skin, smoothes out wrinkles, revitalises hair epidermis and smoothes the whole body. The iron works on the galvanic current basis. The part of procedure is an application of special gels which helps to clean skin deep and simultaneously treat it by means of positively acting substances.

Galvanic iron

  • Markedly reduces deep lines and wrinkles, double chin and acne
  • Clears skin deep
  • Activates cell splitting
  • Activates lymph, reduces face cysts and oedema
  • Unifies skin tonus and tone

What is the galvanic iron and how does it function?

The iron of a similar size and appearance as the classic depilation machine does function on the positive and negative galvanic current basis (stimulates cells to a higher activity) and it is so smart that it itself identifies skin type according to which it itself sets an intensity and then starts the deep cleaning of skin in all skin layers. Following that, the cosmetic preparations are worked in the skin, these nourish skin and remove from skin every impurities and toxins which are contained in it. Even acne, eczema, psoriasis are not ironing obstruction, even vice versa.

For a woman over-thirty, in addition to the deep clearing, there occurs even cell splitting, thereby their regeneration is supported.

There is a possibility to mount more adapters to the iron – in addition to the face, neck and low neck adapters there is the adapter for eye area (bags and circles under eyes reduction), further the adapter destined for the head massage (for hair follicle massage, hair growth support), it is suitable both for men and women. This adapter has a form of brush and therefore it gets well between hair follicles and skin, where it activates hair follicles which are no more active, and it also supports new hair growth.

How does the intervention proceed?

Before the ironing itself the gel is applied to the face, it supports the skin regeneration together with subsequent ironing. The period required for thorough skin clearing is set around 28 days, but it can slightly vary in dependence on woman age. One session takes approximately one hour, of which the intervention itself takes 20–30 minutes. The treatment is naturally painless and even after one use expectable results are visible. Further ironing follows after 4 to 5 weeks after the first session.

Together with the galvanic iron use, there is recommended the use of other cosmetic preparations, which support hair growth and their general regeneration. After finishing ironing procedure there is necessary to apply the treating gel to the face. If the galvanic iron is used on the regular basis its effects continuously multiply.

Another advantage of this skin clearing method is also the fact, that in contrast to other cleaning methods after its use the face is neither red or sensible, therefore it is possible to put on one’s make-up immediately after the application and there is no need to be afraid that the face would be particularly stressed. Women very appreciate the fine silky skin after the intervention and so they do not often need to use their make-up.

In addition to the impurity and to the toxic substance cleaning the skin is more unified – so various colour differences such as circles under eyes, red spots etc., are reduced. The iron can be also used for cellulitis. The effect is visible even after one application and the skin is after ironing less tired and it has a markedly delicate and healthy look.

For whom the galvanic iron is intended

Ironing is intended particularly for women, but even for men who need to remove the unaesthetic wrinkles in the neck and face areas and in addition to wrinkle reduction, it very well effects the muscles in these areas, thereby the face and the neck become markedly slim. In addition to these, it is very suitable for those suffering from acne or undesirable cicatriculae, various red pots and other colour inequalities remaining after acne. By means of ironing it is also possible to get rid of circles under eyes.

The galvanic iron can be used even if you suffer from psoriasis or various eczemas and other skin diseases and it is appropriate both for the senior and adolescents of any skin type.

Everything is carried out on the basis of electromagnetic field vibrations, which are generated in the course of ironing.

If you suffer from cellulitis – unaesthetic pits in certain body areas, even this defect can be reduced by the iron reliably. It helps to better lipid metabolism, thereby it minimises cellulitis on the whole body.

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