Breast Enlargement

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Volume of women′s breasts can be augmented by silicone implants. The silicone case contains a cohesive gel with same chemical structure as the case. In case of very slim women with minimum hypodermic fat the implant is placed underneath the pectoralis major muscle, the muscle tissue reducing the risk of visibility of silicone layers. In other cases, the implant is placed on the muscle, i.e. underneath the lacteal gland and not a big body of fat.

Skin incision and therefore the resulting scar are agreed at the pre-operation consultation.

There are 3 options for the incision:

  • alongside the areola clockwise downwards between the clock numbers 3 and 9
  • in the sub-mamary fissure
  • in the armpit

Also the volume of the implants and their shape (i.e. round or drop-like) has to be defined at the consultation. The operation is conducted under general anesthesia, takes about 60-80 minutes and requires a 24-hour hospitalization. Surgical convalescence requires 2 weeks approximately, and full load is possible 1 month from the operation.


Breast Enlargement