I am happy with all; it is my 3rd time here. I am happy to recommend your clinic to friends and family.

Lynn F.   September 2011

I was very happy with the results of my surgery, how helpful and friendly everyone was. The clinic is very clean and staff are all friendly, I would recommend your clinic to anyone.

Rachel M.  August 2011

The reassuring smile from the anaesthetist was all I needed to relax. Friendliness from everybody and the English spoken was a nice surprise for me.

Debbie A. August 2011

I was made to feel welcome straight away. The apartment is very good (I like the oven and washing machine!). The nurses and consultation team are extremely professional and did everything to make me feel calm and at ease.

Carys E.   July 2011

It was all superb. Matched everything I wanted. Couldn´t have asked for more in any department.

Edward N.  July 2011

Prague makes it more than just an operation. The city gives you a great advantage.

Peter O.   June 2011

I felt very confident with all the staff. It put my mind at ease. Everyone was attentive and friendly and very experienced.

Kellie T.   May 2011

It was very nice, Katerina was very friendly and put us at ease.

Nichola S.  May2011

I enjoyed my stay and would come back. I am happy with the results and enjoyed my time here regardless to the surgery. Amazing staff and most definitely a place I would recommend. I was treated so well.

Lisa H.   May 2011

I was very nervous but everyone was fantastic and made me feel comfortable. The consultation was brilliant. I would consider coming back if I want anything else doing and definitely recommend to everyone considering surgery.

Neil S.   May 2011

I could not have asked for better aftercare. Everything was very good.

Sean B.   May 2011

I am going to tell all my friends about my experience, it was absolutely amazing service – everything is included in the price, they are no surprises at all, they took really good care of me and if I decide to get another surgery, I will definitely come back here.

Siham B.   May 2011

Doctor explained everything in detail and reassured me.

Janet L.  April 2011

I would highly recommend it to friends and family. Definitely the first place to think about when considering cosmetic surgery.

James R.   April 2011

I was surprised how organized and helpful everyone was. All the nurses were excellent and friendly.

Norah M. March 2011

Dr. Topinka has a very confident manner. That reassured me greatly. The support staff was well organized and knew their roles. Very good follow-up care. Centrally placed apartment was excellent for visiting Prague.

Rupert P. March 2011

Overall care excellent. I felt lucky to get Dr. Topinka, he gave good advice and Dr. Nejedly had done a beautiful job.

Ruth N. February 2011

 I was a bit worried about going abroad for surgery but I´m very pleased, so clean and tidy, I would come back and would recommend to friends/family great prices.

Anna T.   January 2011

Everything from arrival to end has been great.

Letitia  R. January 2011

I liked the apartment and location.

Anthony M. January  2011

The apartment was lovely and clean.

Joanne T. January 2011

The staff were always lovely and caring at the clinic.

Hayleigh H. November 2010

Really, really happy with the outcome. Really will recommend to friends.

Adam W. October 2010

My stay at the clinic has been excellent. The staff are friendly and helpful, especially as my family have telephoned a few times and they have brought the phone to me which my family at home have greatly appreciated. My whole experience at the clinic has been better than I imagined, thank you.

Georgina B.  September 2010

I would like to say that everything was great, and everyone made you feel at ease, I had no worries, and would like to thank everyone for what they have done for me.

Sarah D. September 2010

I have been over-whelmed (happy, very happy!) by the friendliness of the staff, especially the nurses. I was feeling very scared as I had travelled to Prague alone, but I was soon put at ease! I will definitely be recommending your clinic to my family and friends, thank you!

Carly B. June 2010

I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff here in Prague and also how great the two nurses, took great care of me just before I went for my surgery and after.

Chloe H. June 2010

Karoline + the nurses who looked after me as well as the surgeon were amazing.

Sian G. June 2010

I have found my care and stay exceptional. The staff in entirety have been terribly caring, helpful, honest and professional. Everything has been explained to me thoroughly, every step of the way and I am sore once all bandages and swelling goes, I will be very pleased with end reset. I have never had surgery abroad and was incredibly apprehensive coming here but all my fear has been laid to rest. The apartment we are staying in is perfect, walking distance to the heart of Prague, very spacious clean and next to a supermarket which is superb. The experience has overweighed my expectations. Thank you.

Lisa A. June 2010

I am truly very pleased with my surgeon, and all the staff. Very kind staff, nurse very warm, overall great service and would recommend everyone this clinic!

Maja L. May 2010

The nurses that cared for me in my room were excellent, very gentle and considerate and kind.

Jonathan H. May 2010

Excellent, the clinic is amazing and so are the apartments.

Virginia J. May 2010

I have felt very positive about my whole experience here at your clinic from when we arrived all the staff have been very welcoming + friendly. The surgeon was very nice + underwood exactly chat I wanted, the 3 nurses that cared for us were very nice, friendly, kind, my whole experience so far has been good + will definitely return in future.

Carly K. May 2010

Thank you very much for caring for me! I don´t think I would have recieved this level of care back home in UK. I will definitely recommend you!

Kayleigh  G. April 2010

I think the surgery doctors and nurses were kind, caring and professional. Dr Topinka seems very nice as well.

Joanne K. April 2010

Thank you very much. I am really happy with the surgery and big thanks to the nurses as well.

Tiuja L. April 2010

I just want to thank you. I didn´t know what to expect and all the staff have been so kind and friendly. Everything ran smoothly and I am really pleased with my results. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.

Sarah G. March 2010

Excellent staff + excellent surgeon. This is my 2nd visit.

Lynn F. March 2010

So far, expectations have been exceeded. Cleanliness is superb, attitude and helpfulness of nursing staff excellent.

Ema F. March 2010

Everyone was very helpful + kind. Thank you.

Michelle N. February 2010

Everything has been excellent I cannot say anything bad because I have nothing bad to say. I would 100% come back here if I wanted any surgery.

Amanda M. February 2010

The whole process was very well organized and eased my experience. The aftercare was lovely and as much was done to ensure my comfort. Would definitely return for future surgery.

Stephanie F. February 2010

Overall I was very satisfied with the whole experience in the clinic.

Christopher P. December 2009

The two day nurses in white were especially nice and helpful and made me feel better.

Karen M. December 2009

I am very pleased with the clinic and feel like I have been looked after extremely well.

Rose H. November 2009

Your two nurses are outstanding, very professional and caring, they were always ready to help and very attentive. I would like to say thank you to both of them for making my stay as comfortable as possible.

Ganyn B. June 2009

Thank you for your care I will be coming back in March and bringing a friend for treatment.

Lynn F. September 2009

So far, it has all been great and I´m very happy.

Annemarie T. August 2009

Surgeon excellent, very caring and patient. Nursing staff also excellent. Thank you for everything.

M.S. August 2009

I´d like to thank the nursing staff for all of their help during initial recovery.

Tina K. August 2009

The staff and surgeon were all helpful and the nurses very attentive with pain management. Thank you.

Angeline L. August 2009

I particularly liked the approach, professionalism and experience of my surgeon. Karolina was also very helpful with organisational issues. The nursing staff demonstrated a high degree of competence and I felt I was in safe hands at all times.

Melanie L. August 2009

The nursing staff were all wonderful especially Enyja (?) and Makita (sorry spelling!) very caring + comforting – very good nurses. The consultant and his team are very professional + personable. Thank you.

Catherine P. July 2009

I am very happy with care, treatment at the clinic, I will be recommending this clinic to anyone, friends, family, who wish to have cosmetic surgery.

Sharon W. July 2009

Made me feel very welcome and very safe. Lovely staff.

Anita S. July 2009

Your two nurses are outstanding, very professional and caring, they were always ready to help and very attentive. I would like to say thank you to both of them for making my stay as comfortable as possible.

Ganyn B. June 2009

All nurses were very helpful and friendly, they made the stay a very pleasant experience.

Cindi A. June 2009

Excellent all round care!

H. L. Stone. March 2009

I am very impressed with the clinic and the staff. My surgeon Dr. Leamarova was very patient with answering all of my questions and I felt great confidence in her as a surgeon. I cannot say one bad thing about my staying at the clinic. As for the cleanliest of the clinic, it is spotless. Everything looks like new! Many thanks.

Monica T. March 2009

Overall a very professional and clean environment. The doctor seemed experienced and made me at ease. The surroundings were clean and hygienic and I would recommend this service to my friends.

Amy T. February 2009

I read a lot about the clinic on the site but didn’t expect that everything is that good! Thank you for everything you have done, I am very satisfied and might come back again!

Anush, March 2008

The care of the nurses in particular was excellent – kind, warm and professional. I felt very well looked after. Thank you.

Caroline C. March 2008

I was very please and impressed with all aspects of my surgery and care. In fact I was impressed and lost far words. The surgeon is brilliant and miracle worker. Thank to everybody. I have friends who are awaiting my arrival back who are considering surgery and I will highly recommend the clinic.

Laura R. March 2008

Everyone I met, introduced themselves by name, and all were friendly and polite. The nursing staff are considerate their profession, I wish we had nurses like this at home.

Jeanne B. February 2008

Since my arrival at the clinic everyone has been very helpful and professional. Everyone’s English were exceptional. Much better service here than the NHS back home in the UK. Thank you very much.

David M. January 2008

Everyone was very professional and helpful, all your nurses are wonderful. Many thanks for everything.

Betty S. October 2007

Very impressed with the care given and the all staff are very helpful and nice. Thank you.

Natasha M. October 2007

All clinic staff were polite and helpful throughout. Thank you.

Dena H. October 2007

I was very nervous about the surgery, but all staff spoke good English and cared for me very well. They made me feel almost at home. Thank you very much.

Ayesha C. September 2007

I consider the care and professionalism here was excellent, and I am very satisfied. A very small point, but it would be nice to have a radio here with BBC reception, as after surgery you can need diversion, but don’t always want to need.

Lynette R. September 2007

I would like to say how impressed I am with the level of service and care. All the stuff have been fantastic, I don’t think I would have received the same level of care in the UK.

Janie I. August 2007

It is a beautiful apartment and we very much enjoyed our stay. Your staff were very professional.

Ewi S. July 2007

Thanks for all staff for their attention to detail and their expertise in every field. Thank you.

Carol U. June 2007

Everyone lovely very pleased. Nice and clean. I was very pleased with my Surgeon, easy to talk to. Delighted with the high levels of hygiene far better than UK. All staff have been kind + helpful would have no problem returning or recommending.

Angie D. June 2007

I want to say how kind + helpful all the staff and nurses and doctors have been to me and I cannot thank them enough. I will come back for more surgery when needed and highly recommend them to anyone I know. Thank you.

Sue W. March 2007

I am very pleased with the standard of service and care provided by our clinic. The surgeon was excellent. As I was a little nervous wait to the surgery – his calming nature put me at ease as he explained exactly what he was doing during the surgery. Although I have no plans to have any other surgery. I would have no hesitation in recommending the clinic.

Alan B. March 2007

All the staff was very helpful, friendly and understanding. Very clean place. The accommodation has very comfortable with all the necessary commodities. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. I would consider attending this clinic to have more surgery done. I will recommend it to all my friends and family. The surgeons are fantastic.

Filomena V. March 2007

I was very happy with my treatment + care at your clinic. I was made to feel at ease, everyone was so happy, cheerful, which really helped before, but especially after my procedure. You have very good staff + they seem to enjoy their work, which is very rare in this day + age. I would like to thank you all for everything, + will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I meet into is considering cosmetic surgery.

David S. May 2007

I am so very pleased with the care I was given at your clinic, I am truly grateful to my surgeon for making my dream come true.

Katie K. May 2007

Found the whole process easy Karolina was great help. Although I realize I have had a fat of swelling and care needed. I felt this has been done in a truly caring professional manner and thank all the staff concerned.

Mary L. May 2007

Just want to thank all the staff for their friendliness, helpfulness and for being so great. They really made me feel relaxed and kept me calm.

Charlotte H. May 2007

Thank you very much to you all! Esp. Dr. Topinka for my breast uplift, I am so pleased with the results. A top job! I am coming back soon for a tummy tuck, which I am sure will be just as successful.

Susan L. April 2007

The standard of care was extremely high. The clinic was very professional and the nurses friendly and attentive. I would recommend this clinic to anyone considering surgery.

Emily C. March 2007

I have already asked about further procedures. I was most impressed by all the pre-op tests carried out on me. I was also very re – assured when I saw 2 people being refused surgery as their pre – op tests were not acceptable in these results. The clinic was clean, very caring and friendly. I would not hesitate in recommending this clinic.

Andrea S. March 2007

My whole experience with the care before and after treatment was outstanding. And the staff were fantastic. I am very pleased with my results and the care given.

Julie S. February 2007

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone at the clinic. I was very nervous and they helped me relax every step of the very. Thank you again.

Beverly T. February 2007

For me it was a really good experience, the language barrier was a little trying at times but that is due to my ignorance and the English people, nothing to do with any of the staff at the clinic, we should learn other languages ant not expect everyone to be able to communicate in our language. Thank you for everything.

J. Taylor. November 2006

I have no complaint at all. My care was of excellent standard, If in the future, I need any other surgery. Shall definitely return. The surgeons, receptionists, nursed and all other staff were very kind and helpful. Thank you all so very much.

Mandy K. October 2006


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