Lips Enlargement

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In case of lips with small volume having limited area of labial red it necessary, above all, to replenish the volume. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, and if both lips are to be augmented it lasts approximately 90 minutes. The principle of this intervention is an implantation of so-called corium (i.e. the lowermost layer of the skin depleted of epithelium), which is taken from either or both fissures under the gluteus. This organic material of the body, which does not absorb, is implanted in a tunnel under the labial red. The result is, apart from a growth of the volume of lip, also an optical augmentation of the red. The hospitalization time is 24 hours, and the period of surgical convalescence amounts to 14 to 16 days. Return to a full physical load is possible in 4 weeks after the operation.


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