Liposuction Surgery

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Liposuction is a procedure which removes localized fat deposits to shape one or more places on the body. Liposuction improves body´s shape by intrusion and removal of subcutaneous fat using metal cannula connected to a vacuum device through a tube. It enables to suck the fat from the required areas. The suction cannula is inserted in the body through short incisions, which are located in the natural skin folds to be as little visible as possible when healed up. Liposuction can help sculpt the body mainly in the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, chin, cheeks and neck.

The intervention is usually performed under general anesthesia, the time of which depends on the extent of the operation, but being usually 30-90 minutes. Minor areas can be drained under local anesthesia in an outpatient manner. A-24 hour hospitalization is necessary after the operation, surgical convalescence takes 2-3 weeks, full load is possible after 1 month. The volume of drained fat is very individual, standard volumes range around 2-3 litres of fat, however, operations with more than 5 litres of drained fat are no exception.

Liposuction is suitable if you have fat deposits in so-called problematic parts of your body and exercise and diet do not help. It cannot be used to treat extreme overweight or obesity.

Are you a good candidate for liposuction?

To be a good candidate for liposuction, you must have realistic expectations about what the procedure can do for you. The best candidates for liposuction are normal weight people with firm, elastic skin who have pockets of excess fat in certain areas. You should be physically healthy and psychologically stable. Your age is not a major consideration; however, older patients may have diminished skin elasticity (around 40 years of age) and may not achieve the same results as a younger patient with tighter skin. The procedure then combines with plastic surgery which removes the excessive skin.

Not all areas are suitable for liposuction. There are so-called prohibited areas which include the lower part of buttocks. Some areas are not explicitly prohibited but the liposuction is not recommended due to the anatomic localization, e.g. back. Other unsuitable areas are those with excess skin or even an overhang.

Liposuction is a high-risk procedure for people with health disorders as diabetes mellitus, heart or lung diseases, blood circulation insufficiency (in particular in case of general anesthesia) or for those who have recently undergone an operation near the area to be treated.

Recovery from Liposuction

You will usually remain at the clinic for at least 1 night and will wear a special compression bandage.

Garments worn after liposuction are essential to achieving good results following liposuction surgery. If you do not follow the instructions of liposuction plastic surgeon and do not wear a properly fitted garment, you may have baggy, lumpy, irregular, and uneven results. You will have to wear this garment for 4–6 weeks after the surgery. After a month it is no longer necessary for the underwear to be worn at night.

We usually use dissolving stitches, which do not need to be removed. After 1–2 weeks, the patient can return to everyday activities, avoiding strong physical efforts. Any bruising and swelling will usually dissipate within a month.

There is often some bruising and swelling to the areas treated, however this should subside after 1-2 weeks. The patient should rest at home for about a week.

How long will liposuction results last?

Results will become more visible over time as the loss of volume and skin re-modelling is continuous and gradual. However, improvement will become even more apparent after about four to six weeks, when most of the swelling has subsided. If your expectations are realistic, you will probably be very pleased with the results of your liposuction surgery. You may find that you are more comfortable in a wide variety of clothes and more at ease with your body. By eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, you can help to maintain your new shape.


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