Laser Depilation

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Laser hair elimination or laser depilation is a painless and mainly permanent method which helps to remove undesirable hair. Repeated hair elimination by means of some painful and less effective depilatory methods is not necessary.

Who is a suitable candidate for laser depilation

The laser hair elimination (laser depilation) can be recommended practically to everybody who suffer from undesirable dark hair anywhere at the body, with the exception of acoustic duct orifice or nostrils. Laser depilation may not bring required effect in blond hair. The hair follicle must be in the active phase in order to “engorge” energy by means of which the elementary cells will be permanently damaged and thereby hair growth will be blocked.

Hair can be commonly removed from the face (such as upper lip, chin and faces), neck, axilla, forearm, groin, inside femur, leg, back, chest, abdomen and areola areas.

Before laser depilation

Hair may not be pulled 6 weeks before the treatment at minimum, only shaving, cutting, if it needs contingent removing by means of depilatory cream are acceptable. The laser depilation eliminates the cause of dark hair – hair root, not only the result (hair). Hair follicle must be perfectly regenerated so that the treatment could be effective.

Before the laser depilation itself the treated area must be perfectly shaved. The duration of particular laser depilation interventions ranges from several minutes up to several hours (according to the size of the treated area). Another limit for laser depilation is sun-tannig. A treated area should not be freshly tanned, neither by the expose to sun or by visit to a solarium.

Laser depilation – laser hair elimination

At our clinic we carry out the depilation by means of the laser Candela GentleLASE (USA), which is considered the best depilation laser on the market. This laser is already equipped with dynamic cooling, which enhances intervention comfort. This is the high-efficiency laser treating all skin types within a number of medical and cosmetic indications.

Laser depilation is not painful; the patient experiences usually only slight stinging in more sensitive areas.

For a marked hair reduction minimum four visits are required (there is a relation to the price of depilation); c. after each 1 to 2 months.

After the treatment

After the laser hair elimination is important to keep out of sun. Through open pores undesirable pigment migration may occur, therefore the use of cream with a high sun protection factor, the best SPF 50+, is recommended.

Slightly red skin may occur in the site of the treatment, but this is related to the treated area and the skin sensitivity. In the case that the skin flares up, the flare-ups last rather hours than days.

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