Operation of the nose - Rhinoplasty


I am interested in operation of the nose. I would like to know how this procedure is performed and what is the following treatment after this procedure?

Dear Madam,
Nose deformities can be inborn or caused by injury. We can improve not only the shape of the nose but also improve breathing by the surgery. Procedure can be done only when growth and puberty is over so the operation cannot affect natural development of the nose. We can reduce prominent hump of the nose, shape the tip of the nose, narrow the nose, straighten bandy nose bridge and improve breathing by that. Operation is done from incisions inside nostrils, so the scars are not visible when all is healed. Procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, recommended hospitalization is 1-2 nights at our clinic. There are tampons for 1-3 days in the nose and there is an external plaster for usually 14 days. Afterwards press massages are recommended to improve healing.

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