Deep wrinkles on the forehead


I’m worried about the transversal wrinkles or furrows on my forehead. My friends often ask me why I frown all the time. They say this even when I’m in a good mood. I am convinced that my contacts with people would improve if my forehead was smooth. Could plastic surgery help in this?

Dear Madam,
Wrinkles and furrows on the forehead and above root of the nose, along with sagging eyebrows, are one of the symptoms of so-called “aging face”. The skin – but also the muscle underneath – loses its natural firmness and elasticity, usually after people reach forty years of their age. A long-term improvement of this state can be however attained via endoscopic operation of the forefront. This is an intervention under general anesthesia taking about 1 hour and requiring a 24-hour hospitalization. By 4 very short stab incisions just behind the hairline we fix the muscle tissue in depth, lift the eyebrows slightly and tighten the skin, by using a special technique and instruments. Sometimes such operation can be completed with a laser resurfacing of the skin. A patient can return fully to his/her standard daily schedule two weeks after the operation.

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